PR09 2020

Savage State: Still 1 ©Pyramide Films

Oldenburg International Film Festival announces complete program

Following first highlights as well as the opening film »Puppy Love«, the complete program of the 27th Oldenburg International Film Festival has now been published. This year’s line-up includes more world premieres and lots of daring, independent filmmaking from all over the world. The film screening at the the Closing Night Gala wil be »Savage State« by David Perrault.

As every year, the line-up of Oldenburg International Film Festival will again offer numerous international discoveries beyond the mainstream. Previously unreleased highlights of this year's program include Miles Hargrove's dazzling and emotionally captivating true-crime documentary »Miracle Fishing«, the German premiere of John Hyams action-thriller »Alone«s, and Grzegorz Muskala's skilful homage to Jacques Tati, titled »Die Ferien des Monsieur Murot« starring Ulrich Tukur and Anne Ratte-Polle. Fans of »The Big Lebowski«, will get their money's worth at the German premiere of the Lebowski-spinoff »The Jesus Rolls«, written, directed and starring John Turturro as the title character. Numerous world premieres can also be found among the twelve short films from no less than ten (!) different countries. Here’s the complete program:


Independent Competition

MIRACLE FISHING, USA 20, by Miles Hargrove (International Premiere)

Compiled from pictures of an old VHS video camera, »Miracle Fishing« is more touching and gripping than anything Hollywood could ever pull off with its mega-budgets. The film is an emotionally gripping diary of a kidnapping as well as the portrait of wonderful family and friends.


International Section 

ALONE, USA 20, by John Hyams (International Premiere)

John Hyams’s films currently set the standard in American action cinema. »Alone« tells the story of a breathtaking hunt, in which every punchline and every twist increases the suspense and never lets the viewer off the hook. A truly stunning achievement.


DIE FERIEN DES MONSIEUR MUROT, GER 20, by Grzegorz Muskala (World Premiere) 

With subtle references to Tati's »Monsieur Hulot's Holiday« this playful collection of small-town neurotics and human abysses turns into a grand celebration. The development of Murot into a tragic hero in this film is a truly masterful performance by Ulrich Tukur.


PARADISE WAR, SUI 19, by Niklaus Hilber (German Premiere)

»Paradise War« depicts a passionate fight against the destruction of the rainforest and the story of an environmental activist who becomes an enemy of the state.


LOVECUT, AUT/SUI 20, by Iliana Estañol & Johanna Lietha

»Lovecut« is realistic, erotic and occasionally bleak film about sex and love in the age of social media. »Sex, Lies and Instagram« for the Gen Z: hip, sexy and anything but superficial.


THE JESUS ROLLS, USA 19, by John Torturro (German Premiere) 

An entertaining and irresistibly charming tribute to the wild cinema of the 1970s and the resurrection of bowling anarchist »The Jesus«, the quirkiest and most absurd character from the Coen Brothers' oeuvre.


THE LONG WALK, LAO 19, by Mattie Do (German Premiere) 

Mattie Do is one of the most exciting filmmakers working today and her third film is a magical ghost story reminiscent of Peter Weir's »Picknick at Hanging Rock« in a somnambulistic way: a film so beautiful as it is addictive.


Midnite Xpress 

HAPPY TIMES, USA/ITA/ISR 19, by Michael Mayer (German Premiere) 

Director Michael Mayer succeeds in creating an entertaining splatter comedy with just the right amount of exaggeration. The film perfectly portrays the symptoms of a saturated society and winds its way far into the darkest corners of the human psyche.


THE MADNESS INSIDE ME, USA 20, by Matthew Berkowitz (World Premiere)

Madison works as a forensic psychiatrist in New York. After her husband is murdered she manages to identify the perpetrator but at the last moment she withdraws her statement. She goes on to pursue the murderer, who has since been released, herself.


PRECARIOUS, USA 20, by Weston Terray (International Premiere)

A cinematic jewel which makes its characters wander through the fantastic labyrinths and squeeze through the darkest corridors.


SHE DIES TOMORROW, USA 20, by Amy Steimetz (International Premiere) 

There is nothing to fear but fear itself, and fear is highly infectious. Amy is firmly convinced that she will die tomorrow and slowly but surely the destructive thought infects her whole environment like a malicious virus.


THE FIVE RULES OF SUCCESS, USA 20, by Orson Oblowitz (European Premiere)

»X« may not have a name, but he has five rules - and lots of problems. Just released from prison, the hostile modern day society puts numerous obstacles in his way. Using the style of underground cinema, Oblowitz creates a hellish painting full of uncertainty and injustice.


Closing Night Gala

Sunday, September 20, 7pm


SAVAGE STATE, FRA/CAN 19, von David Perrault (German Premiere)

A feminist western, as sensually and narratively untamed as Sam Fuller's classic »Forty Guns«. With a French family on a ride east, David Perrault stirs up the Western genre and puts the Colt in women's hands.


You can find material on all the films here.