»The best about Oldenburg are the personal encounters with the filmmakers, especially those who are honored with retrospectives and tributes. Throughout the years the Festival has brought together an impressive gallery of mavericks. Filmmakers, whose body of work could be discovered in context, artists such as Ken Russell and Andrzej Zulawski, the former Kubrick producer James B. Harris or Jim McBride, one of the pioneers of New Hollywood Cinema.«

epd Film

2022 Peter and John Hyams

2021 Ovidio G. Assonitis

2020 William Friedkin

2019 Burkhard Driest

2018 Bruce Robinson

2017 Edward R. Pressman

2016 Christoph Honoré

2015 George Armitage

2014 Philippe Mora

2013 Mania Akbari

2012 Phedon Papamichael

2011 Ted Kotcheff

2010 Radley Metzger

2009 Bruno Barreto

2008 James Toback

2007 Abel Ferrara

2006 Jerry Schatzberg

2005 Ken Russell

2004 Andrzej Zulawski

2003 Philippe de Broca

2002 Bernard Rose

2001 Jim McBride

2000 William Wellman

1999 Harry Kümel

1998 Roberto Faenza

1997 Tim Hunter

1996 James B. Harris

1995 Frank Oz

1994 Alex Cox


»The tradition of dedicating retrospectives and tributes to eclectic filmmakers – often turning out to be true discoveries – it is a heritage of the festival.«


2023 Isild Le Besco

2023 Jen Gatien

2022 Andrea Rau

2021 Mattie Do

2019 Burkhard Driest

2019 Seymour Cassel

2018 Keith Carradine

2017 Lou Diamond Phillips

2016 Nicolas Cage

2016 Amanda Plummer

2015 Joanna Cassidy

2013 Bobcat Goldthwait

2011 Roger Fritz

2010 Timothy Bottoms

2009 David Siegel und Scott McGehee

2008 Michael Wadleigh

2008 Marius Müller Westernhagen

2007 Stacy Keach

2006 Peter Fleischmann

2005 Luke und Andrew Wilson

2004 Tim Blake Nelson

2003 Larry Clark

2002 Edouard Niermans

2001 Richard Stanley

2001 Ben Gazzara

2000 Stacy Cochran

1999 Asia Argento

1998 Seymour Cassel

1997 Iciar Bollain

1996 James B. Harris

1995 Katt Shea

1994 Nancy Savoca

Star of Excellence

The revealing of the Star on the OLB Walk of Fame has become one of the festival's highlights. Long standing main sponsor OLB has been building Oldenburg's Star Promenade, and every year the entrance to the OLB cinema gains one further attraction.

2019 Amanda Plummer

2018 Keith Carradine

2017 Moritz Bleibtreu

2016 Nicolas Cage

2015 Joanna Cassidy

2014 Sean Young

2013 Veronica Ferres

2012 Mira Sorvino

2011 Matthew Modine

2010 Deborah Kara Unger

2009 Peter Lohmeyer

2008 Seymour Cassel

2007 Stacy Keach