PR07 2020


The World Premiere “Puppy Love” by Michael Maxxis to open the 27th Edition of the Oldenburg International Film Festival

Michael Maxxis' feature debut “Puppy Love” will open the 27th Edition of the Oldenburg International Film Festival. The Canadian drama starring Hopper Jack Penn and Paz de la Huerta will celebrate its world premiere in Oldenburg.

The 27th Oldenburg International Film Festival opens with another world premiere in Official Competition. Canadian filmmaker Michael Maxxis will be coming to Oldenburg with his feature debut “Puppy Love” and will celebrate the world premiere with local fans and winning hosts of a Living Room Gala presentation on September 16. Simultaneously, the film will be screened online in the Festival's virtual cinema. In addition to Michael Maxxis, the lead actors, Hopper Jack Penn and Paz de la Huerta, will also be in attendance to present their film in Oldenburg.

The film tells the true story of a prophetic young dishwasher with brain-damage and a homeless prostitute who are brought together through obscene circumstances and embark on a perverse, yet strangely beautiful journey through the gutter of life.

Starring Hopper Jack Penn (in his first leading role) and Paz De La Huerta (Gaspar Noé's “Enter the Void”), the magnetic duo is supported by a stellar ensemble including Rosanna Arquette, Michael Madsen, and Donald Cerrone. Based on the true story of Maxxis' cousin Morgan, “Puppy Love” is real life. And like life it's a dark comedy. It is from this closeness to life that the film draws its impressive, raw energy and resonates with poignant authenticity.

Lensed by award-winning cinematographer, Larry Smith (“Eyes Wide Shut”, “Only God Forgives”), and scored by Kyle O'Quin with US indie band Portugal. The Man, “Puppy Love” is an audiovisual work of art.