The Prank

USA 2022
Director: Maureen Bharoocha
Cast: Rita Moreno, Connor Calopsis, Ramona Young, Keith David

95 Min. | OV
International Premiere
Midnite Xpress

To be accepted at his father’s Alma Mater, studious Ben has only one goal: a perfect score on his high school diploma. These hopes are dashed when old Mrs. Wheeler decides to fail her entire class, sending Ben into a tailspin. He and his stoner friend Tanner decide to teach her a lesson: in an anonymous social media campaign, they link her to the disappearance of a missing student. Very soon they find out that their prank might not have been their best and brightest idea. As always, their hated teacher wants to have the last word. Even more so, as the ›shitstorm‹ turns into a hurricane. Maureen Bharoocha’s »The Prank« effortlessly veers from the lighthearted dread of being a high school student to a scathing criticism of social media, with some horror elements thrown into the mix. EGOT legend Rita Moreno gives such a truly funny, sharp tongued and deeply scary performance as the physics teacher from hell that it’s hard to believe she just turned 90 years old.