La Noche más Larga

The Longest Night

Moroco Colman
ARG 2020

»As hard as 'The Longest Night' is to endure, it is even harder to forget. A small masterpiece.«



In his second feature film, director Moroco Colman tells the tale of Argentina's most notorious sexual predator, who was responsible for at least 93 brutal rapes between 1985 and 2004. The outwardly harmless family man struck with such brutality and self-assuredness, that many observers believed until his capture that he either was protected by the political classes or was a member of the police force. »The Longest Night« tells the true story of this monster employing esthetic images and enthrallingly edited sequences, but without glossing over these brutal crimes stylistically. On the contrary: this contrast further amplifies their sheer horror, making them even more insufferable. Somewhere between true crime and documentary drama, Colman has created a masterpiece that is like a deft punch in the gut. He also reveals what really protected the rapist for so many years: a vain and chauvinistic society that averted its eyes in shame, when it should have opened them widely to the horror within.


»The chauvinistic and indifferent approach to tackling the lawsuit, added to a state which initially tried to cover-up the events, revealing the negligence of the police, the legal and the political systems. I thought this was a story worth to be told.«

Moroco Colman

Sofia Castells
Diego Arroyo, Gustavo Biazzi, Sol Lopatin
Alejandro Brodersohn, Rosario Suarez
Moroco Colman
Daniel Araoz, Camila Murias, Sabrina Nuñez, Rocio Figueroa, Romina Arietti
70 min, OmeU
Moroco Colman (Director) ©Habanero Film Sales

Moroco Colman

At 37, the professional architect, graphic designer and celebrated DJ from Córdoba's electronic music scene of the 90s went back to school to pursue a degree in filmmaking. His directorial debut, »Fin de Semana«, was part of the 2017 Film Festival Oldenburg and received critical acclaim around the world. »The Longest Night« is his second feature.