The Long Walk

Mattie Do
LAO 2019

»Blurring the line between good intentions and selfishness, The Long Walk is a chilling and wholly original exploration of destructive human desires«

The Guardian


In Matti Do’s films, ghosts are omnipresent. Sometimes, they seduce or threaten the living, sometimes they just stand by their side. This is also the case in her third feature. Since childhood, an old man played by Yannawouthi Chanthalungsy, has been seeing ghosts. One of them has been accompanying him for 50 years and turned him into a hermit who prefers the company of the dead to the living. That’s also why he now helps lonely and sick women by giving them death and therefore – in his mind – peace. A cinematic poem about eternity and a world stuck between pain and the ghosts of the past. Mattie Do tells her magical ghost story with an exuberantly rich narrative and an implicitness to let the supernatural blend with normality that is reminiscent of the dreamy quality of Peter Weir’s »Picnic at Hanging Rock«. A film of addictive beauty.


Winner: Best Director

 2019 Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival, New Vision Award


Nominee: Best Film (Venice Days) 

2019 Venice International Film Festival

Justin Deimen, Chris Larsen, Annick Mahnert, Douangmany Soliphanh
Matthew Macar
Zohar Michel
Christopher Larsen
Yannawouth Chanthalungsy, Por Silitsa, Noutnapha Soydara, Vilouna 'Tot Lina' Phetmany, Chansamone Inoudome
118 min, OmeU
Mattie Do 2

Mattie Do

Mattie Do is Laos' first and only female filmmaker. Born in California to refugees of the Communist Revolution, she returned to Laos and produced her directorial debut, 2012's »Chanthaly« - the 1st Laos film to screen outside of SE Asia. Her critically acclaimed 2nd feature »Dearest Sister« was Laos’ first Best Foreign Oscar entry to the 90th Academy Awards.