The Gravity

FRA 2022
Director: Cédric Ido
Cast: Hafsia Herzi, Olivier Rosemberg, Steve Tientcheu, Jean-Baptiste Anoumon

85 Min. | OmeU
European Premiere

In a few days a unique event will occur: All eight planets of the solar system will align. No one knows how this will affect gravity. The topic dominates the news. While the sky over France is already turning red Daniel and his brother Joshua try to keep their heads above water by dealing drugs in the slums of Paris. A younger generation from the ghetto however is bothered by the goings-on of the two. They call themselves the »Ronin« and start a fierce competition with the two brothers – and they are obsessed with the upcoming ranking of the planets. Director Cédric Ido draws a Paris away from the idyll of the Post Card: dirty and marked by poverty. There is no trace of the city of love here. Les Misérables meets John Carpenter in this breathtaking, bold and exciting dystopian vision.