The Black Guelph

Director: John Connors
Cast: Graham Earley, Paul Roe, Tony Doyle, Denise Mc Dermott

125 Min. | OmeU
World Premiere

Inspired by Dante’s »Inferno« John Connors draws from real life to give voice to the historical silence about the oppression and systematic clerical sexual abuse of generations of Irish Travellers. With immense force he tells the story of Canto and his boys as they fight for their slice of life day by day on the Mean Streets of Dublin. With every scene and every character we meet we dive deeper into this raw, inhospitable world on the fringes of society. The most beautiful declaration of love for a neighborhood and its people since Scorsese left Little Italy.
Graham Earley as Canto electrifies the screen with a performance reminiscent of a young Harvey Keitel: a 30-something who deals drugs to pay his bills while determined to prove himself a worthy family man.