DOM 2022
Director: José María Cabral
Cast: Cyndie Lundy, Ramón Emilio Candelario, Gerardo Mercedes, Juan María Almont

83 Min. | OmeU
German Premiere

Inspired by true events, the latest offering from Cabral enters the heart of historic and genocidal times. 1937: A young pregnant woman, left alone in a jungle village in the temporary absence of her husband, is suddenly forced to flee in order to escape a massacre. The government has ordered the immediate execution of all Haitians on Dominican land, and the test of their true origins is their pronunciation of the word: ›Parsley‹ (perejil). In an extraordinary performance, Cyndie Lundy embodies the protagonist Marie: a young woman awakened by screams. With a child inside her, ready to be born, Marie sets out in the middle of the night - determined to make it to neutral territory in order to keep hope for the future alive. Cabral‘s film tells the story of a genocide from the smallest possible perspective in large cinematic tableaus and therefore achieves a rarely experienced intensity.