USA 2022
Director: Mark Polish
Cast: Logan Polish, Colin Ford, Francesca Xuereb

92 Min. | OV
World Premiere
Midnite Xpress

While the world lets itself get lulled in by alternative digital worlds, Mark Polish opens Pandora’s box with his new indie. Led by Tiger (Logan Polish), a group of teenagers takes an adventure trip into the woods to test the new smartphone app »Murmur«. A paradox, because the game has been developed in a way that even in nature, the kids are staring at their smartphone as it seems to be the only way to experience the world around them. The nature trip becomes a nightmare, as the app draws its disciples deep into the darkest corners of their own imagination. In this cosmos of fragmented reality, the enticing power of the smartphone, which records, stores and sells our most secret memories, is truly frightening. When our avatar gets killed, what world is left for us to survive in? Using only existing effects from smartphone-apps, Mark Polish develops a technophobic nightmare about an app that is after our beating hearts, while our souls have already been lost on the way into a safe and comfortable digital alternative to our world.