Mars Express

FRA 2023
Director: Jérémie Périn
Cast: Léa Drucker, Mathieu Amalric, Daniel Neo Lobé

85 Min. | OmeU

Midnite Xpress

The planet Mars, sometime in the future: Under the huge glass dome of the Noctis colony, Aline Ruby, a private detective and dry alcoholic, together with her partner Carlos, who died five years ago and is now in the body of an android, investigates the disappearance of a hacker who has illegally tried her hand at freeing artificial intelligence from human restrictions. In the process, the investigative duo comes across all sorts of surprising revelations and soon faces life-threatening opposition. Things are getting dicey in Noctis ...
»Mars Express« does not deny its influences: somewhere between the aesthetics of »Blade Runner«, the techno-philosophies of »Ghost In The Shell« and the cautionary science fiction prophecies of Isaac Asimov, a fascinating film noir adventure around the dangers and possibilities of artificial intelligence unfolds, far removed from any generic apocalyptic horror scenario. Instead, in his first feature-length film, Jérémie Périn creates elegantly animated scenes of a convincingly realistic futuristic world and populates them with fully fleshed-out characters who have a story, who feel and laugh and who suffer and die.