USA 2022
Director: Colin West
Cast: Jim Gaffigan, Rhea Seehorn, Katelyn Nacon, Gabriel Rush

101 Min. | OV
International Premiere

When he was a little boy, Cameron Edwin aspired to be an astronaut. He still does, but has settled for the life of a suburban family man, hosting a science show on an obscure cable channel. But one day things start to happen that are rather hard to explain. A sports car literally falls out of the sky, containing a passenger who kind of looks like Cameron, but also – to add insult to injury – is a former NASA-employee who came to town to replace him as the host of his show. But the universe is not finished, as a space capsule crashes in his backyard, prompting him to aim for the stars once again, this time by rebuilding it to finally travel to infinity and beyond. »Linoleum«, directed by Colin West and starring comedian Jim Gaffigan and a wonderfully abrasive Rhea Seehorn (»Better Call Saul«) is a miracle of a film: funny, resonant, enchanting and filled with one surprise after the other. But it is also a film about dreams and wishes we might have had as children (and still secretly do) that miraculously reappear and become a reality – if even for a few moments or the duration of this cinematic masterpiece. A film for all dreamers who once wanted to become astronauts, but ended up as delightful space cadets.