It's Nothing Mama just a Game

ESP 1974
Director: José María Forqué
Cast: Andrea Rau, David Hemmings, Francisco Rabal

89 Min. | EF | Englische Fassung


A young woman is chased by a rider. When she steps into a spring trap, the man – a plantation owner named Juan and played by David Hemmings – sics his dogs on her. This first scene has something delirious, as if Spanish filmmaker José María Fourqué from the very start wanted to dissolve the borders between power and madness, desire and hate. Soon after the brutal murder of his former lover, Juan finds a new victim: Lola, the daughter of a pub owner. He brings her into his mansion and does whatever he can to subordinate her. But he has not counted on Lola, played by Andrea Rau, quickly seeing through this sadomasochistic game of lust and dominance and soon beating him at it. This reversal of the relationship gives Fourqué’s poetic and elegiacally directed erotic drama, which was still made in Franco’s Spain, a subversive force.