USA 2015
Director: Hank Bedford
Cast: Chris Zylka, Riley Keough, Faith Hill, RJ Mitte

92 Min. | OV


Chris Zylka and Riley Keough ignite sparks as star-crossed lovers who dream of broader horizons in this Mississippi potboiler by debut feature writer-director Hank Bedford. We follow Kermit (Chris Zylka), a restless and reckless 20-so-mething year-old just released from prison and keenly aware of the reality that awaits for him on the outside. A trailer home, limited opportunities, a loving but disappointed mother (played in a transformational turn by country icon Faith Hill), and misguided friends willing to lead him right back into the life of crime. At a crossroads, he finds solace in the company of Rachel (Riley Keough) – the sexy, chain smoking, girl-next-door with a tough veneer who has taken up stripping to support her cancer-stricken mother. The two lost souls soon form a cocoon of young love with dreams of escaping their one-horse town. And Kermit is driven to help them out- the only way he knows how. One last job. One last bad choice. Framed as a crime-thriller, and intercut with real-life interviews of colorful local characters, it seethes with atmospheric poetry and emotional heat. In the heartbreaking world of Dixieland, one wild summer simmers deep into the soul.