Leben Tod Ekstase

GER 2022
Director: Nikias Chryssos
Cast: Margarita Broich, Wolfram Koch, Martin Wuttke

89 Min. | OV
World Premiere

Psycholysis is commonly understood as psychotherapy with psychedelics which somehow sounds funnier than lying sober on a couch and staring at the ceiling. But when six patients die during such a session the fun is over and the detectives Anna Janneke (Margarita Broich) and Paul Brix (Wolfram Koch) start investigating. The main suspect is the controversial doctor Dr. Adrian Goser (Martin Wuttke) who is the leader and only survivor of the final session – possibly a charlatan, a killer, but perhaps another victim? Janneke and Brix disagree on this as usual. Nikias Chryssos who made a splash in 2015 with the bizarre comedy »Der Bunker« presents »Leben Tod Ekstase« a drug trip from a crime scene that can be enjoyed either sober or »under the influence«. It’s fun either way.