Der Skorpion

GER 2022
Director: Romy Steyer
Cast: Dieter Wurm

60 Min. | OmeU
World Premiere

He carries the name Scorpion ever since a friend tattooed this death-bringing creature on his arm when he was in a youth home. After spending half his life in foster homes and prison, the Scorpion robbed a bank in 2003 and hijacked a bus with 20 passengers to escape – one of the most spectacular hostage situations in Germany followed during which he was shot twice in the back by snipers. He was sentenced to eleven years in prison followed by preventive detention. During this time Dieter whose civil name is Wurm learned that things can only change if they are addressed. As editor-in-chief of the prison newspaper »Der Lichtblick« he stood up for other inmates and fought for improved prison conditions. In the meantime, Dieter is working on his biography, reporting on the life of a dandy, an unrecognized man of letters. The Scorpion is a tribute to an outsider who never had a real chance, in search of his place in the world.