Der Rote Berg

GER 2022
Director: Timo Müller
Cast: Maria Pop, Etienne Moret, Dominik Wagner, Jan Sittner

110 Min. | OmeU

A red rock in southern Germany. Not so exciting from a distance but up close it exudes a dark fascination. The crevices in the rock are like words in a forgotten language. As we look at the mountain we hear tales of its inhabitants - people living in huts and tents around it - one more astonishing than the other. Stories of Assyrians and a long-lost, enchanted palace. About Thor and Loki. Are they true? One just wants to declare the otherworldly staffage as crazy until the story of a girl who disappeared in the mountain carefully makes its way. Everyone knew her, everyone has a different story about her. Her traces get lost in the mountain but the traces of the search for her won’t dry up. Timo Müller has created a variation of Peter Weir‘s hypnotic »Picnic at Hanging Rock«. The mountain, the missing girl, her traces in memories. An elegiac journey into the deepest province of Germany.