Brutal Moods

ESP 2022
Director: Marta Bisbal Torres

58 Min. | EF | Englische Fassung
German Premiere
Midnite Xpress

From monumental and robust structures, symbols of authority and control, to labyrinthine housing blocks on the urban fringes. Different forms of architecture act as mechanisms of oppression and alienation. The brutalism is to some extend the sum of all bad qualities that a living space can confront human beings with. The apparent convenience only serves the suppression of the individual, this architecture’s benefit never serves the inhabitant, but the builder who wants to administrate his power through collective control. This is also the stuff that dystopian cinema is made of. Visual artist Marta Torres has turned her study of brutalism into an intoxicating collage and skilfully implanted it with a narrative heart. Scenes from films like »A Clockwork Orange«, »Fahrenheit 451«, »Alphaville« to »Ghost in the Shell« and »Blade Runner« take us into a totalitarian world in which the human being as an individual has lost its meaning. An exciting work of art between experiment and great narrative cinema that takes a frightening look at worlds that despise humanity.