KAZ 2022
Director: Darkhan Tulegenov
Cast: Aibar Saly, Alisher Ismailov, Azat Zhumandil, Dulyga Akmolda

100 Min. | OmeU
European Premiere

Two brothers. Two worlds. Akzhol and Dalen have the same father but don’t know him nor each other. Akzhol has just been released from the orphanage and moved into a public housing apartment where he meets his neighbour Dimash. Immediately he becomes his partner in many robberies and burglaries. Dalen on the other hand lives with well-off adoptive parents, plays the violin and is torn between fear and fascination when his brother tracks him down. Suddenly Dalen finds himself in a world of violence and unvarnished truths that pulls him deeper and deeper into an all-devouring vortex. But when the two brothers decide zu set out to find their long-lost father, they embark on a journey that will bring things to light that neither of them could have expected.