Beautiful Friend

USA 2023
Director: Truman Kewley
Cast: Adam Jones, Alexandrea Meyer

80 Min. | OV
World Premiere

In 1965, William Wyler directed »The Collector«, a film that delved into a main character devoid of any identification potential for the audience. Terence Stamp portrayed the man who abducts a woman in pursuit of love. The film garnered three Oscar nominations, despite defying all conventions of Hollywood cinema. Over 50 years later, Truman Kewley has crafted a deeply unsettling shocker based on a similar scenario, drawing its brooding menace in a manner reminiscent of a young Gaspar Noé.

Daniel is an Incel - an involuntary celibate - who cultivates a general hatred of women. At night he cruises through the streets in his van, driven by the longing for a true-life companion, torn by his contempt for all those who do not want to recognize his true, good nature. He's a ticking time bomb. Utilizing Found Footage style, combined with a voice-over monologue whose self-righteous and cool demeanor sends chills down the viewer's spine, it culminates in a debut that is nothing short of sensational and daringly audacious.