FRA 2010
Director: Isild Le Besco
Cast: Valérie Nataf, Ginger Romàn

68 Min. | OmeU


Three girls live in a neglected apartment – two sisters and a girl who fell in love with the older sister some time ago. In the beginning, we witness their everyday lives: The petty thefts, the binge drinking, the ravioli smeared hair. A dildo sits on the television and grainy porn footage fills the screen. Magalie dominates the two younger girls, terrorizes them and pits them against each other. After a robbery, she accidentally shoots a young baker. This is the beginning of the end. »Bas-fonds« is a human abyss into which the three girls exist from the very beginning of the film and from where the downward spiral leads straight into hell. The boundless and inescapable brutality of the story puts it into a tradition with »Natural Born Killers« or Virginie Despentes’ »Baise-moi«. A forceful ride through vivid images and moments filled with explosive energy culminates in a reflex against everything bourgeois and orderly and lays open the extreme dynamics of this fateful ménage a trois.