Angel Express

RP Kahl
GER 2011

»A provocative and polarizing mosaic of images, composed from a manifest, anarchic desire for style by a young rebel from the Berlin underground.«

Frankfurter Rundschau


»Kahl has a nervous energy that is not easily imitated in German cinema.«

Süddeutsche Zeitung


Berlin at the end of the millennium. Techno beats set the rhythm, a handful of people meet and lose themselves again in a night that fatefully connects them all but leads no one to their destination. The prostitute, the policeman, the photographer, the model, and the eccentric - they all glide as urban singles from club to club through the night, searching for the ultimate thrill that can change or destroy everything. A gun passed from hand to hand imposes a dangerous ultimatum on this way of life, intertwining the characters and their stories into a modern dance in this symphony of a metropolis. At the end of the night, a shot is fired, which will feel like deliverance. With images that linger long in the mind, a furious montage, and a breathtaking soundtrack, director RP Kahl crafts the real vision of an eerie yet beautiful world as it was encountered in Berlin at the end of the last millennium.

RP Kahl, Torsten Neumann, Luggi Waldleitner
Sönke Hansen
Silke Botsch, Matz Müller
RP Kahl
Chris Hohenester, Wilfried Hochholdinger, Ulrike Panse, Rolf Peter Kahl
76 min, OmeU

RP Kahl

With 56 onscreen acting credits, he debuted with »Angel Express« which opened the Oldenburg Film Festival in 1998. He won the Hessians' Young Talent Award for 2005's »Sunday Girls«. »Bedways« topped Der Spiegel's list of »Best Films of 2010, and his first English language film 2017's »A Thought of Ecstasy« was in competition at Tallinn Black Nights.