Andrea Keller ,Henning Wötzel-Herber
GER 2019
88 Min. | OmeU

Adamstown is a human stronghold. Animals and strangers are unwanted – the signs at the city limits make that abundantly clear. This ideologically deepened feud has been going on for centuries, though nobody knows its real origins. Only the old myths can shed light on the truth between humans and animals, hate and charity, brought up from the deepest corners of history. Merz und Wötzel-Herber adapted a graphic novel by Hamburg-based artist Verena Braun and bring with »Adamstown« a wonderfully humorous and imaginative Western-musical to the screen that ignores genre boundaries and does away with alleged physical and linguistic barriers. Shoot-outs, saloon scenes and lone riders are light-handedly moved into the North German plains and the musical numbers are flat-out impressive. Genre-archetypes from »Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid« to »Cat Ballou« are paid homage to and give this film an inclusive force that is also mirrored in the diverse cast. The ease with which this societally controversial subject is being presented was long overdue in German cinemas.

Cast :
Fawad Falzi , Fares Wadi , Marie Zibell , Rayan Farousi
Runtime/Version :
88 min, OmeU