Director: Christine Hartmann
Cast: Maria Furtwängler, Florence Kasumba, Jonas Minthe

89 Min. | OV
World Premiere

While Detective Director Liebig's 60th birthday party is in full swing, a delivery van plows into a crowd in the old town of Göttingen, leaving blood and chaos in the streets. While doctors at the hospital fight for the lives of the injured (including the driver), more and more contradictions emerge as to the motivation behind the horrific act. Accident or rampage? The detective duo Charlotte Lindholm and Anaïs Schmitz suddenly encounter massive resistance during the investigation, and not only from the parcel service that employed the driver. And when another tragedy occurs, the case takes on a completely new scope ... Director Christine Hartmann routinely keeps the reins in the fifth installment of the Tatort from Göttingen, and thanks to the inspired performances of her leading actresses Maria Furtwängler and Florence Kasumba, creates a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase in an oppressive atmosphere full of subliminal violence and inhuman pressure.