From Oldenburg with Love.

In accordance with our agreement with MGM, who granted us the rights to use clips from »Dr. No« until September 30, 2018, the 2018 trailer for the Oldenburg International Film Festival, »From Oldenburg with Love«, is no longer available.

For our 25th anniversary we refer to a cinematic genre that bloomed in the 60s when the Cold War and a growing fear of nuclear armament shook the world: A cinema of great and mad arch rogues who strove for world domination. The trailer pays tribute to the first film of the Bond series »Dr. No«. The festival managed to get the rights from MGM to show scenes from this cinematic classic. As in previous years, the festival collaborated with the support of Berliner Synchron, TrickWilk and Kinematograph 24/7. The associate producer is the Oldenburg native Armon Thein and his production company Schwarzseher. It was directed by Torsten Neumann in cooperation with Deborah Kara Unger and camera operator Irina Dragojevic.