For the second year running the opening was held at the EWE Arena. The year's opening film »Oh Boy« was a true highlight, as it went on to win all of the German Independence Awards at the 19th Oldenburg International Film Festival. But the success was just starting here. Jan Ole Gerster's gem was invited to many more festivals and won several German Film Awards in 2013.

Head of the festival's first all female jury was a special guest: Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino who brought some true star power to Oldenburg and received her own star on the OLB Walk of Fame. For the first time the retrospective honored Oscar-nominated cinematographer and director Phedon Papamichael. One of the festival's highlights was Butch Walker's prison concert. Walker attended the festival for the screening of a documentary about his life and work, and played a rock show at the festival's JVA screening location.


The Lost Oldenburg Weekend. »This is a relentless terrifying tale of five lost days and nights torn from a man’s life, baring his heart and soul« announced the trailer for Billy Wilder’s »The Lost Weekend«. It was also the theme for the five days of the Oldenburg International Film Festival in 2012. Starring Jan Plewka and Arno Frisch, directed by Thomas Stiller, the trailer was filmed in Marvin’s - Oldenburg’s legendary dive bar. An homage to Billy Wilder’s film, Plewka reinterpreted Ray Milland’s Oscar-winning role, captured by cinematographer Philipp Sichler in black-and-white photography. The production was supported by Trick Wilk, Berliner Synchron, FGV Schmidle, as well as Audizentrum Oldenburg, the Acara Hotel and – of course – Marvin’s.