We're All Going to the World's Fair

USA 2021
Director: Jane Schoenbrun
Cast: Anna Cobb, Micheal J. Rogers

86 Min. | OV | Originalversion
European Premiere

A suburban teen, spending most of her days isolated in her attic bedroom, focused on her computer screen, announces these words to anyone listening on the World Wide Web. »Casey here. Today I‘m going to be taking the World‘s Fair challenge.« So begins Casey’s daily documenting of the rituals of this internet game, a virtual challenge that initially seem benign enough, if somewhat bizarre… but then slowly, in deeply unsettling fashion, overtakes her, body and spirit. An older man with the moniker JLB is the single person Casey communicates directly with on the web… but is his a voice of genuine concern or is he manipulating her further, deepening her spiral into a madness that is either a harrowing psychological breakdown… or a terrifying demonic possession?