AUT/SUI 2020
Director: Iliana Estañol ,Johanna Lietha
Cast: Luca von Schrader, Max Kuess, Sara Toth, Kerem Abdelhamed

94 Min. | OmeU


Ben, Luka, Momo, Alex, Jakob and Anna are teenagers in contemporary Vienna, living a rather carefree live, even though they might not see it that way. Which is probably why their daily lives, their ambitions and their problems mostly involve sex. Momo has a Skype-relationship with Alex and wants – after many masturbatory, digital dates – to move their relationship to an analogue level. Not knowing that Alex is quadriplegic and has had to fake his orgasms. Luka likes the »bad boy« Ben and wants to use his considerable skills at opening locked doors to get back at her parents, but Ben is on probation and not really willing to do real hard time. As for Anna? She has developed a new found interest in self-made sex videos - one that Jakob first finds somewhat thrilling but subsequently rather disturbing. Directors Iliana Estañol and Johanna Lietha present with »Lovecut« a realistic, erotic and occasionally dark film about sex in the age of social media. A »Sex, Lies and Instagram« for the smartphone generation: hip, sexy and anything but superficial.